Norway has a lot of scenery and nature, but for many years it was neglected by the road authorities. Then, a national project with the aim of refurbishing the scenic routes was established. And with a goal of using architecture to promote them.

Now, after 20 years of development, the scenic routes has become national icons and images of them has gone viral with international interest. And, of course, the tourist are coming.

“In Norway, the journey is the destination,” was one headline in the New York Times for an article describing the routes.

One of the newest, a rest area called Uredd (means unafraid), shows how the organic concrete structure can be the protective shell for a very basic need – and in a stunning, natural setting, with the oceans and mountains surrounding it.

Another resting area, on another scenic route, called “Utsikten” (the view), is actually also the logotype for the ERMCO congress. So, now you now!