Coming from all over Europe, as well as India, Panama, Canada, India and other countries, the ERMCO 2018 congress is truly international. But so is concrete. And problems and challenges are similar in most places on our planet. However, some countries has more specific challenges than others.

Turkey is the third largest concrete producer in the world, and one of the challenges the country is facing is earthquakes.

“Turkey is located over a fault line, and the country has many earthquakes. In 1999 we had a very strong earthquake with 50 000 dead, and many thousand houses destroyed,” explains Caglar Göksu Akkaya from the Istanbul Technical University. Her presentation “Seismic performance of structural members constructed with recycled concrete aggregate” showed how crushed concrete can be reused as aggregate.

“We have many old houses we need to demolish. They are built with low quality. So, we have a lot of concrete we can crush and use as aggregate. Now, we build structures that can handle earthquakes with a magnitude of seven on the Richter scale.”